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What is Lorem Ipsum text?

In graphic design and publishing lorem ipsum text is commonly used as filler, or placeholder, text to help the designer manage layout and choose correct design elements; such as fonts and sizing. The original Lorem ipsum text is by Latin writer Cicero and comes from sections 1.10.32-3 of De finibus bonorum et malorum. We, of course, have read this book from start to finish, making our sweary lorem generator perfect!

Lorem ipsum text has been the industry standard for over five centuries, when an unknown printer scrambled the original text to make a specimen book. So thank you unknown printer, we're taking your random work one step further with the Swearem Ipsum generator.

Recently, lorem ipsum text made the leap to the digital age, appearing in design packages such as Adobe InDesign and Aldus PageMaker, amongst many others.

What is a Lorem Ipsum Generator?

A Lorem Ipsum generator mixes up a random selection of Latin words to give paragraphs of random text. Generally all text starts with "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..." for nostalgic reasons. The idea behind any lorem ipsum generator is to generate enough paragraphs for a designer to fill space... Just like me waffling on right now!

What's the difference with the Swearem Ipsum Generator?

Being the mature adults that we are, we thought the standard lorem ipsum text lacked swearwords. In other words, we had a few too many drinks and thought we could make a more fun lorem ipsum generator. Hopefully our sweary lorem ipsum generator will give some sick pleasure to designers who have had enough of their clients saying, "why is it all in Latin?" Don’t worry, we've been very subtle!

Really don't like your client? Use the Swearem Ipsum generator to create paragraphs of pure swearwords... But don't blame us when you lose that contract for millions!

For those of a more sensitive disposition, we have included a 'Filmdub' version of the Swearem Ipsum generator. If you ever watched Robocop on a Saturday afternoon on ITV, you may spot a few familiar dubbed swears.

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